This Eucharistic Convention, that every year brings souls together from around the country and beyond, is costly to bring to fruition. I am truly excited at the prospect of continuing the planning of future events, while, at the same time, conscious of the fact that considerable funding will be required each year to allow the event to continue. To that end I am looking for ideas from you, the people who cherish this unique event that is the Eucharistic Convention.

Also, if any of you are able to help by cash donation, I would be most grateful.
Please use the PAYPAL BUTTON below to make your donation.
The one thing we need to fund this event is money, no donation is too small.
Thank you in anticipation of your generosity to support this magnificent event.

Please contact me if you have ideas you think the Eucharistic Convention could benefit from. Every idea will be given due consideration.

My contact details are:
EMAIL mr.rivec@gmail.com, MOBILE 021-482-555

Together, let’s plan for the future of this beautiful event that is the Eucharistic Convention.

Deacon Mark Rivalland