Change of leadership for the
Eucharistic Convention

From Bishop Pat


Bishop Patrick Dunn, DD

This Eucharistic Convention has found its place as a spiritual retreat for many, and it is my wish that it continue well into the future. I acknowledge the foundational work undertaken by so many good people over the years, with special mention of John and Beth Porteous who have led their team of helpers so ably. After twenty five years John and Beth have asked to vacate their leadership role of the Eucharistic Convention. After some discussion we agreed it was time for someone else to take on the role of leadership of the event, and to that end I have appointed Deacon Mark Rivalland as the new director of the Eucharistic Convention. I ask that you support Deacon Mark in his new role with the same enthusiasm you have had for the past 25 years. John and Beth will remain in a transitional role for the next year or two, to assist Deacon Mark and his new team manage the many facets of organising an event like this, some of which are complex. There will be a “Convention Ideas” table in the auditorium that I invite those coming to the convention to visit. The idea is to give you the opportunity to share your ideas in regard to how you see this event might be enhanced going forward. You may have a special talent you could offer to assist Deacon Mark and his team. With the internet geographical barriers are no obstacle to may of the tasks that need to be done to make this convention happen. Your prayers are the backbone of an event like this, ideas in regard to prayer support will be welcomed. There are real costs that need to be covered in an event like this. There may be some of you who can assist this event financially in some way, if so I’m sure Deacon Mark and his team would welcome any ideas you may have with open arms. I look forward to having you with us this year to help celebrate our 25th anniversary event.

From John Porteous


Beth and John

The time has come for Beth and I to step aside and let someone else steer the Eucharistic Convention boat into the future. I am retiring at the end of March this year so will not have the ability to guarantee paying all bills associated with this convention as in the past. With the appointment of Deacon Mark Rivalland as the new Director of the Eucharistic Convention, it should be noted that he and his team will need a lot of help to allow this event to continue. The 2019 Eucharistic Convention will go ahead, but to ensure its continuation into 2020 and beyond, as is Bishop Pat’s hope, the 2019 event will need to be fully funded and left with no debt. The bottom line is, this is the crux of the matter. If the funds are there, everything will fall into place. If not the event will flounder. If that happens we’ll all be flounder fishing in 2020! Therefore, if you can help financially going forward, please let Deacon Mark know. Maybe a weekly gifting programme, a one off donation, some fund-raising idea or something else. You might like to offer to join our Underwriters Group. The idea is that individuals offer a certain amount to be kept on file but made available only if, at the end of the 2019 Convention, extra monies are required to settle all accounts. Just ask for more information about this or any other initiative.

We welcome Deacon Mark into his new role, and assure him of our help and support as needed in the transition.

Rivalland-MarkDeacon Mark

Our 25th Anniversary Convention will be something special.
All information is on our website

Please go there to see what’s in store for those lucky enough to attend our April 6th to 8th Eucharistic Convention.