The theme of our 25th Eucharistic Convention is FAITHFULNESS.  This single word sums up the character of every person who has contributed to this event in any way over the past quarter-century. Some never got a thank you from us; not because we didn’t intend to thank them, but for a variety of reasons, many out of our control. Every year mail is returned because the recipient is “now deceased”.

The incredible guest speakers who have graced our event over that time are not to be forgotten either. Many of them are also deceased; we will never forget them. The same goes for the tireless workers who have done such an awesome job for the event over the years, many of those have now gone before us and our prayers are also with them.

See below a list of the names we have so far. There will be more added between now and the start of out 2018 Eucharistic Convention next April. If you would like to add names to be added to this list feel free to have them added by sending their names to us via the contact form below. The people named don’t have to be Catholic, we are all created by God.  Pope Francis nails it:



A quote from Pope Francis:
“Church tradition has always urged prayer for the dead, in particular by offering the celebration of the Eucharist for them: it is the best spiritual help that we can give to their souls, particularly to the most abandoned ones. The foundation of prayers of remembrance is found in the communion of the Mystical Body. Remembering the dead, caring for their tombs and prayers of suffrage are testimony to confident hope, rooted in the certainty that death does nto have the last word on human destiny, as humanity is destined for a life without end, that has its root and its fulfillment in God.”

John Porteous


Bishop John Mackey Archimandrite Stephen Barham Fr Bevan Smith
Monsignor Paul Cronin Pa Henare Tait Monsignor James Shannahan
Fr Ernie Milne, IC Fr Terry Fitzpatrick Josephine Porteous-Church
Fr John Airey CssR Fr Ivan Lunjevich Sister Theresa Egan RNDM
Father Raymond Gawronski Fr Michael Moses Monsignor Michael Wrenn
Father Desmond Byrne Father Robert Goedert  OP Paul Farge
Larry Eck Sister Joan Hopkinson Phil Zambucka
Auntie Babsie Cheryl-Anne Nancye Price
Mark McCarthy Greg Smythe Dr James Corbin
Bernared Egan Theresa Egan Colin Porteous
Jack Jefferies Bernard Jefferies Kathleen Fanning
Paul Fanning Gary Menzies Karl Zambucka
Bob Fanning Joy Mendes Greg Zambucka
Mary Jefferies Anthony Egan John Porter
Faye Bennet Ron Bennet Amelia Franich
John Toland Joanna Matthew Mavis Flowers
Mary Hall Olga Maynard Jess Bradley
Joan Kirkham Ted Anderson Tanya Cassidy
Albert Roger Kirkham Jim McKay Shaun McKay
Catherine Rose (Pat) Carr Sister Francis Mary  RSM Sister Mary Winefride OP
Vivian Ernest John Carr Maurice Schischka Sister Patrice Lowell  RSM
Geoff Forster Ron Halpin Sister Mary Basil  OP
Monsignor JJ Kelly Mavis Flowers Honor Hurley
Monsignor John Broadbent Bill Murphy Frank Ryan
Judy Chapman Margaret O’Brien Emmet Maloney
John Joyce Nita Grinter Brother Raymond Parsons  OFM
Pat Simpson Norman Barnett Ron Grinter
Doug Crowley Sister Margarita Snook Nilo Alazas Sr
Margaret Watt Neil Akehurst Engelbertus Maria Liefting
Thomas Watt Joan Lennard Bob Woodham
 Angel Rassam Sadallah Sakkal Misak Shasha
Nahida Malik Jams Malik Taghreed Tobia
Najeeba Wasteen Betty Knight Doug Knight
Colleen Fraser Gertrude King Colin King
Gertrude Hautapu Tom Hautapu Brian Compton
Sofia Damian Blaza Jane Bruining Roberto Blaza
Adrine Culas Richard Culas Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Culas
Sr. Viola Culas Fr. Ernest Culas Ambrose Culas
Melville Culas Francis Corray Brain Corray
Cynthia Devasia Shyla Culas Glenys Mcleod
Julian Russell Jay and Verna Linda and Bob Marshall
Daphne Dalziel Sarah Dobbyn John and Mary Dobbyn
Father Brian Kelly Monsignor Vincent Cardinal Pio Taofinuu
Father Ioane Vito Father Frank Shannahan Emanuele Savaiinaea Galumalemana
Salaevalu Galumalemana Malia Tuiafiso Aunty Joana Siteine
Sister Patricia Hackel Sister Agnes Monsignor Lui Tevaga
Sister Letisia Sister Tekawitha Father Sanele Atualuga
Father Sanele Skelton Nomane Nu’u Akenese Peseta
Mikaele Tuiafiso Bob Bartley Maselino Tominiko
Uncle Anoano Pesamino Tuiafiso Leutu Lafaele Tuiafiso
Alosio Teofilo Masua Anoano Tino, Samoa Tamalevea
Lesina Peteru Sister Beatrice Vae Tago
Crozier family Phizacklea family Loved ones in Kelly family
Dipper family Nicolas S. Garzota Beatriz I. Garzota
Esperanza D Isidro Hermogenes Isidro Tacing Garzota
Felipe Garzota Natividad Lombos Evangelina Inquimboy
Rolando Santos Colombo Arcena Oliva Arcena
Nicolas Arcena Erlinda Arcena Daniel Arcena
John Hammond Shiela Hammond Leo Peter Sequeira
Rose Sequeira Michael D’Souza Judith D’Souza
Diana Carneiro Vijayalaxmi Manelkar Bishop Francis Micallef
Father Andrew Apostoli Sister Shiela Paul Father Caethano
Father Erasto Miles Sheldon Teddy Sequeira
Anne D’Souza David Ian Paton Leslie Williamson
Teresa Williamson Rhoda Cosgrove Grace Hines
Arthur Hines Eileen Jagusch Paul Jagusch
 Jose Cruel Jose Gapas Josephine Gapas
Yolanda Damasco Gaudioso Cruel Nicolasa Cruel
Miguel Cruel Mario Cruel Hermosa Damasco
Dolores Ebreo Virgilio Rivera Lynette Arrenberg
Rosario Flores Dolores Cruel Lolita Vazquez
Mabel de los Santos Matias Saroca Maria Saroca
Aniceta Capiral Francisco Capiral Asunsion Capena
Carmelita Cruel Ramon Tolentino Silvestre Don
Itong Flores Christopher Flores Ayleen Condon
Peter Alder Alf Adams Wally Delaney
Mr Eskdale Connie Perdue Father Paddy Collins
Archbishop James Liston Cardinal Delargey Father Lawrey Sakey
Father Graeme Blackburn Father Dennis Farrell Sister Mary Fabian
Sister Mary Paulinus Gary the Builder