EC2018 – Aurora Zacarias

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EC2018 – Aurora Zacarias

In 2018 we are partnering with NPH New Zealand to bring Aurora Zacarias from Mexico to tell her incredible life story.

NPH (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos) is a Catholic organisation which helps abandoned, orphaned and other vulnerable children throughout Latin America. Aurora is one of these children. She has now grown into a successful businesswoman and ambassador for NPH.

Aurora grew up in a very poor family in Mexico city. Tragedy struck when Aurora’s mother became sick and their family didn’t have the funds to help her.  When her mother died, Aurora’s father became depressed, addicted to alcohol, and then abandoned the children. In these cases many children end up begging on the streets, struggling to survive, often forced into gangs. Fortunately Aurora and her siblings were welcomed into NPH, an caring “family” started by Father William Wasson in 1954.


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Aurora looks forward to sharing her life story, giving you an insight into how our most vulnerable children survive adversity through faith in God, and a helping hand from generous people like Father Wasson.

Don’t miss out on hearing Aurora speak. She will speak at the convention on both Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of April, as well as be our guest speaker at the fundraising dinner on the Saturday night.

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