Fr Brian Johnstone, C.Ss.R

Fr Brian Johnstone, C.Ss.R

Fr Brian Johnstone, C.Ss.R


Fr Brian Johnstone hails from Brighton, Australia. He attended the Redemptorist Seminary, St. Mary’s, Ballarat, Australia, 1958-1965, and then studied at the Pontif. Atheneum, St. Anselmo where he gained his Licentiate in Theology, (S.T.L.) in 1968 . He studied Moral Theology at the Katholisch-Theologische Fakultaet der Universitaet, Bonn, 1968-1970, and Fachbereich Kath. Theologie der Universitaet, Tuebingen, 1970, and Moral Theology at the Katholieke Universitaet, Leuven, 1971-1972, where he obtained the doctorate in moral theology (1976)

Fr Brian has held many prestigious posts, among them; Academic Posts and Teaching at the Yarra Theological Union, Box Hill, Australia, 1973-1981, as Lecturer in Moral Theology; Catholic Theological College, Clayton, Australia, (Archdiocesan Seminary), 1975-1981, as Visiting Lecturer; Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo di Manila, Philippines,1975-1976, as Assistant Professor; The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. U.S.A. Faculty of theology, 1981-1987, awarded “Continuous Tenure,” June 3rd. 1987. His courses have included; Moral Theology, Biomedical Ethics; Bioethics for Nurses; Peace and War; Human rights; Probabilism and Conscience; Contemporary Questions of Justice: Refugees, Ecology. He had directed many dostoral dissertations on moral theology.

His publications are extensive and he is the author of seventy five articles on Moral Theology and associated topics. Fr Brian is currently writing a book on “Rising to New Life: A Moral Theoloogy of Resurrection.”

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