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Donna Lee

Donna Lee started playing guitar and singing at the age of seven. In 1972, she joined the folk group at her local parish where she sang and played guitar for 11 years. At the age of 15, she wrote her first song for a Catholic youth retreat. Her debut album, “Immaculate Heart, O Sacred Heart,” was released in 1990, and was well received by all ages. Since then, she has recorded five albums of mostly original music.

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Mary Sue & Larry Eck

Mary Sue and Larry have a lay apostolate in their home town of Westmont, Illinois operating from the DuPage Marian Center.

In 1994 Mary Sue and Larry talked about the importance of Our Lady in the Catholic faith and the necessity in our day and age to practice and encourage true family values.

Unfortunately no recording was made of this session.


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Ted Flynn

Ted Flynn and his wife Maureen co-wrote the book Thunder of Justice. They shared their story with us in 1994. It is a good read and still available to buy on Amazon. Here’s something about it:


Heaven is stirring with extraordinary warnings and graces. Even the most lethargic of Christians know something is afoot. Lately, stories in Life, Time and Newsweek have covered the flood of heavenly phenomena: visions of The Blessed Mother, heavenly messages and warnings, miraculous healings, weeping statues and icons. There is no longer any excuse for someone to plead ignorance. Something is definitely up. Precisely »what« is up is the subject of this book. If the visionaries in this book prove correct, it is the most amazing and important subject ever written about.

This book does what few books on Marian apparitions have done. It provides a comprehensive overview of the phenomena – from Our Lady’s appearances in Guadeloupe, Mexico, in 1531, to her flood of visits around the world today. The book also analyzes the many apparitions, searching for a common theme to the messages. It finds one.

It is a theme enunciated by such diverse and unlikely persons as housewives in Ireland and Arizona; teenagers and young people in Ecuador, Italy, Medjugorje, and Garabandal; a converted pagan in Africa; a political prisoner in Ukraine; a factory foreman in Canada; and a disabled laborer in New Jersey. Through visionaries separated from each other by thousands of miles, scores of different languages, and in some cases hundreds of years, the Blessed Mother speaks with one voice.

The world, she warns, increasingly has given itself to sin and debauchery. The time of God’s Justice is at hand. Signs and wonders increasing in power and frequency will be given to us, emphasizing the urgency of the need for man to return to God. These are acts of God’s ultimate mercy. These calls from God will culminate in what seers call the Warning, a revelation to man that will reveal the state of every single soul. One of Satan’s greatest weapons is ignorance. The Warning will allow one to actually understand how God sees the state of his or her soul. Following the Warning will be what visionaries call the Great Miracle – an event that will somehow manifest the power of God more publicly and visibly than ever before. Both of these events will allow mankind to return to God.

Following these events will be the final act of God’s Justice. Those who refuse to convert will be dealt with by the only means left – a tremendous Chastisement that will purify the earth.

The messages are so powerful, so extravagant in their promise and warning, that one might be inclined to dismiss them as fantasy or science fiction. Indeed, serious Catholics must be very cautious and prayerfully discerning when investigating reports of such phenomena. It is true that no Catholic need commit himself to any apparition or message. In fact, the authors emphasize that even with »church approved« apparitions, those who choose to believe in them do so only with human faith. The messages are not new. They call us back to the essential message of the gospel: prayer, fasting, conversion, sacrifice, penance, joyful service to our neighbor and reverent worship of God.

For those of us who have tarried at God’s call, those who have dallied in the world and put off conversion, the messages and events compiled in this book will serve as a wake-up call. The world is a dangerous place. Time is short, and the stakes are high. Through and unprecedented outpouring of graces and apparitions, God is calling us back to Himself, shouting at us to listen, humbling Himself to tug on our sleeves – desperately trying to get our attention before the Thunder of His Justice strikes.

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Fr Stan Fortuna

In 1994 Father Stan Fortuna came to New Zealand for the first time and wowed the audience. He talked about “The Narrow Way” to the main convention audience and had a session for youth as well.

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Fr Tim Deeter

In 1994 Fr Tim Deeter gave two presentations – videos of those talks can be accessed below.

Fr Tim returned in 1995 – there are no recordings available of those talks.


1) Sceptic to Convert

2) Penetential Prayer

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Archimandrite Barham

The late Archimandrite Stephen Barham would be one of the most dynamic preachers we have ever brought to any of our conventions. A convert from Pentecostalism to Catholicism he had a unique end endearing way to present the Catholic Faith. He was part of our line up in 1994 and proved so popular that we brought him back the following year. We find that bringing a speaker back a second time is not always a successful option but in Archimandrite Barham’s case we were so glad we did; the people loved him.


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Father Antoine Thomas

Fr Antoine is a native of France. Before joining the Brothers of St. John in 1985,( religious community founded in 1975 by Fr.Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE,O.P.), he was a member of the French Army in the Alpine Troops, pursued a degree in marketing both in France and the US, and enjoyed many active sports such as Ski Mountaineering, rock-climbing hang gliding, windsurfing, and tennis.

Fr. Antoine was ordained February 1st 1992 in Paray-Le-Monial, France.. After six years as chaplain of a large Catholic school in Paris, he was sent to the USA, to Peoria Illinois, to help establish a new foundation of his community. He remained the main chaplain for 9 years at Bradley and ICC Universities. He also was local superior for 6 years. After 6 years spent in the main house of formation in the USA (Diocese of Peoria, Illinois), he is now sent by his superiors to establish a new priory in Christchurch, New Zealand with a few brothers.. Fr.Antoine is appointed full chaplain of the Canterbury University (20,000 students), vicar at St Teresa Parish in Riccarton, and local superior of his community starting this December 2010.


Fr. Antoine has given many Youth 2000 retreats throughout the United States, as well as seminars and retreats to seminarians and to active and contemplative sisters throughout the world. He has formed a children’s Eucharistic Adoration program known as “Children of Hope” which is being implemented in parishes and Catholic schools around the World. He has led children, teens and families in Eucharistic Adoration in the USA, Canada, France, Australia, Haiti, Nicaragua, Romania, Singapore and now in New Zealand. In each diocese, he helped in training Eucharistic adoration leaders among catechists, parents and priests who understand the urgency of this children’s adoration ministry in the Cybernetic age.

He has been invited to 4 Eucharistic Congresses in Guadalajara, St Paul, Minnesota, in Charlotte, North Carolina and in Quebec, Canada.

In each place the message is the same:

To help children encounter Jesus in His silent and loving presence in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, in faith, in hope and in love, to adore Him and to gaze upon Him with joy.


Fr. Antoine often appears on EWTN Programs, most especially for children and teenagers. He has filmed several series for them, as well as appearing on “Life on the Rock” and “Mother Angelica Live”. He has been on CATHOLIC ANSWER, Q&A for kids for years, on RELEVANT RADIO and other Catholic Radio throughout the US in the past 10 years.


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Bob and Freda Narev

If you trace Bob’s family name back a few generations, you will understand why their story is so amazing.

Gertrud Narewczewitz and her son Robert, 9, were liberated in 1945 from the Nazi’s Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia.

Two years later, they sailed in a converted troop carrier from Switzerland to Auckland, bringing with them two orphans who they dropped off with adoptive parents in Australia.

Gertrud and Robert changed their name from Narewczewitz to Narev to fit into their new lives in New Zealand, which began on a Howick chicken farm owned by Ernst and Alice Rothschild.

Gertrud eventually learned English and was able to teach piano and voice at St Cuthbert’s College, and to perform herself. Young Robert did very well at Howick District High School, Auckland Grammar, and Auckland University, where he earned degrees in languages and law.

Freda Malacka, long before meeting and marrying “Bob Narev”, was from an Orthodox Jewish family in Widze, Poland, which was almost completely exterminated by the Nazis. Freda, under the name “Fella”, survived by living as a Catholic for three years on a farm. After the war, her older sister, only 18, collected Freda. They lived in Poland and Germany before being sponsored to Auckland in 1949.

Freda went through Bayfield School and Auckland Girls’ Grammar. She became engaged to Bob in 1957 and married him in 1959. Bob worked as a lawyer and was a leader in the Jewish and general community. Freda was for many years active both within the Citizens Advice Bureau and as a marriage counsellor, and in the Jewish community. They have three children – Kim, Rick and Ian.

A few years ago, Freda received a Queen’s Service Medal for service to the community. Bob previously had received a New Zealand Order of Merit for service to the community.

Bob and Freda, if she is feeling up to it, have agreed to speak at the Convention to give first-person accounts of the Holocaust and their lives as survivors, and to thank Kiwis for the compassion and opportunities they were given. Bob and Freda were kind enough to step in when Inge Auerbacher was forced to withdraw as a speaker.

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Michelle Kaufman

On Friday 25 April 2014 Michelle Kaufman from Family Life International in Auckland, New Zealand, gave the Friday Night address at our Eucharistic Convention. Michelle is the wife of Brendan and the daughter of Dame Colleen and Terry Bayer of FLI Auckland.

This is a recording of that presentation

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Father Paul Glynn SM

Father Paul Glynn SM returns this year and is, if you like, our connection with the history of this event. Many who have been to previous conventions will have heard Fr Paul speak about his work in Japan which is a continuation of the work started by his late brother Father Tony Glynn in encouraging reconciliation in Japan after the second world war.

In 2008 Fr Paul gave two presentations, in the first his subject matter was “Hope, Reconcile and Move on” and in his second “Hope in Future Generations”.

Videos of both talks are included below


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