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Father Paul Glynn SM

Father Paul Glynn SM returns this year and is, if you like, our connection with the history of this event. Many who have been to previous conventions will have heard

Michelle Kaufman

On Friday 25 April 2014 Michelle Kaufman from Family Life International in Auckland, New Zealand, gave the Friday Night address at our Eucharistic Convention. Michelle is the wife of Brendan

Bob and Freda Narev

If you trace Bob’s family name back a few generations, you will understand why their story is so amazing. Gertrud Narewczewitz and her son Robert, 9, were liberated in 1945

Father Antoine Thomas

Fr Antoine is a native of France. Before joining the Brothers of St. John in 1985,( religious community founded in 1975 by Fr.Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE,O.P.), he was a member of the

Archimandrite Barham

The late Archimandrite Stephen Barham would be one of the most dynamic preachers we have ever brought to any of our conventions. A convert from Pentecostalism to Catholicism he had

Fr Tim Deeter

In 1994 Fr Tim Deeter gave two presentations – videos of those talks can be accessed below. Fr Tim returned in 1995 – there are no recordings available of those talks.

Fr Stan Fortuna

In 1994 Father Stan Fortuna came to New Zealand for the first time and wowed the audience. He talked about “The Narrow Way” to the main convention audience and had

Ted Flynn

Ted Flynn and his wife Maureen co-wrote the book Thunder of Justice. They shared their story with us in 1994. It is a good read and still available to

Mary Sue & Larry Eck

Mary Sue and Larry have a lay apostolate in their home town of Westmont, Illinois operating from the DuPage Marian Center. In 1994 Mary Sue and Larry talked about the importance of

Donna Lee

Donna Lee started playing guitar and singing at the age of seven. In 1972, she joined the folk group at her local parish where she sang and played guitar for

Marty Rotella

By Marty Rotella I was 25 years old when my conversion took place, and it was the Blessed Mother who brought me back. The interesting part is she didn’t bring

Dr James Corbin

Dr Corbin was proprietor of the Catholic Shop in Auckland for many years. He made the local contribution to our guest list in 1994 when he spoke about Our Lady

Inge NcNeill

In 1995 Inge McNeill made her first trip to New Zealand to talks about Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is a recording of that talk.   FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Msgr Michael Wrenn

In 1995 we were fortunate to have Monsignor Michael Wrenn from New York deliver two excellent addresses. In 2008, following the death of Msgr Wrenn, a posthumous consideration was written by

David Parkes

Irish singer David Parkes gives a presentation at our 1995 Convention where he sang beautiful songs and told of his miraculous healing in Medjugorje in the late 1980s when Fr. Peter

John Canavan

In 1995 John Canavan spoke about his work in promoting the Apostolate on Divine Mercy from his Centre in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia. Here is a recording of that presentation: FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Thomas Pereira

Thomas Pereira was born in Hong Kong and suffered through an extremely difficult childhood. His father, a Singaporean of Portuguese descent was Catholic, while his Indonesian mother was a Muslim.

Fr Robert Goedert OP

In 1995 Father Robert Goedert spoke about Eucharistic Adoration. Unfortunately we do not have a recording of his talk but the following will give you an insight into how he

Wayne Weible

In 1995 Wayne Weible came to our convention and spoke about his conversion and subsequent apostolic activity sharing his story with anyone who cares to listen. This video is a

Inge McNeill

In 1996 we brought back Inge McNeill to talk more about her work with the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe apostolate. This is a recording of that talk.

Cheryl Anne

In 1996 Cheryl Anne sung a selection of her own songs in honour of her late father Phil Zambucka who helped get these Eucharistic Conventions off the ground. Phil died

Rita Klaus

In 1996 Rita Klaus came to our convention and delivered an address entitled “My Cure from MS” The video below are recordings of that address. (NOTE – the video has been

Misty Cruzan

Misty Cruzan sang at our 1996 Eucharistic Convention – a lot has happened since then – here’s some history and updated information. Our convention was one of the first events

Janice Connell

Janice Connell came to our convention in 2006 and gave a presentation that remained with people for a long time after. Janice is an attorney, broadcast commenter, and guest speaker in

Kevin Cunningham

In 1996 Kevin Cunningham spoke about his work with youth in New England, a place some call the birthplace of America. We don’t have a recording of what Kevin had

Fr George Ruttler

Father Rutler was ordained to the diaconate in Rome by His Eminence William Cardinal Baum in 1980 and received priestly ordination in St. Patrick’s Cathedral at the hands of His

Fr Des Byrne

Father Des Byrne was a down to earth man so dedicated to his Catholic priesthood that his enthusiasm in preaching the Gospel overflowed into his presentation at our 1996 Eucharistic

Kevin Cunningham

Having been asked to return following his presentations in 1996 proved so popular, Kevin gave a talk to the youth programme that got the young people thinking. This is a

Fr Des Coates

Father Des Coates spoke to the subject matter “Why am I Afraid” in a manner that caught people’s attention; you could hear a pin drop as people listened intently.A full-time


Sylvie from the Community of Beatitudes has a voice from heaven; she sang at our 1996 Convention; the audience was totally absorbed in the moment!   FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Fr Paul Williamson SM

In 1997 Fr Paul gave the opening address at our convention that year; unfortunately we do not have a recording of that talk. His second talk entitled “Being Docile to

Mark Shea

In 1997 Mark Shea gave two presentations at our Convention that year. The first was entitled “An Evangelical discovers Catholic Tradition” and the second “Discovering the Real Presence”. Mark also

Fr Ernie Milne IC

Local Rosminian priest Father Ernie Milne gave two presentations at our 1997 Eucharistic Convention. One was entitled “The Charity of Christ” and the second “The Holy Spirit”; both of which

Bishop John Mackey

Bishop Mackey spoke at our 1997 Eucharistic Convention. Unfortunately we do not have a recording of that presentation. He died on 20 January 2014 – following is a tribute to

Marilla Ness

International singer Marilla Ness came to our 1997 Eucharistic Convention and wowed everybody with her beautiful singing voice. We were limited to what we could record because of copyright issues

Rita Klaus

In 1997 Rita Klaus returned to tell more of her journey not only in Auckland but Wellington and Christchurch also. In Auckland she talked about her “Journey to God through

Fr Tom Keyes

In 1998 Father Tom Keyes gave an excellent presentation at our Eucharistic Convention that year. Unfortunately we do not have a recording of the talk which is a shame because

Fr Clement Machado

In 1998 Father Clement Machado gave three lively presentations which were much appreciated by the audience. He spoke about “The Value of the Confession”, “Purgatory; Spirit of Forgiveness” and “The

Jerry Morrin

Jerry Morin shared his many talents with us at our 1998 Convention – unfortunately we do not have a recoding of any of his presentations. A little bit about him:

Fr David Halstead OP

Father David Halstead gave a presentation entitled “Holy Spirit in the Eucharist” at our 1998 Eucharistic Convention. At the time Fr David was assigned to St Patrick’s Cathedral in Auckland.

Fr Steven Scheier

In 1998 Fr Steven Scheier gave two powerful presentations in Auckland at our Convention that year followed up by similar talks in Wellington and Christchurch. In his first talk Fr

Joseph Moorman

1999 saw the first visit to our shores of the popular American Catholic singer Joseph Moorman. Joseph came highly recommended and he did not disappoint. Unfortunately we do not have

Maria Treadaway

Maria Treadaway, a local singer from Auckland enthralled the audience with her beautiful voice at our Eucharistic Convention in 1999. This is a recording of her session. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Bishop Valerian D’Souza

Bishop Valerian D’Souza from Pune in India spoke at our Convention in 1999. I was a privilege for us to have him as a guest that year. Unfortunately no recording

Sherry Weddell

In 1999 Sherry Weddell gave two thought provoking presentations in Auckland followed by similar talks in Wellington and Christchurch. In her first Auckland talk she spoke about “The Lay Apostle

Fr Stan Fortuna

In 1999 we were delighted to have Fr Stan Fortuna back on our programme following his very successful trip to our shores back in 1994. We weren’t sorry, Father Stan

Fr Rory Morrissey

In 1999 Fr Rory Morrissey talked about “Mary Most Holy Favoured Daughter of the Father” Father Rory was a great supporter of this event from the very start and

Conna Cori Gibson

Donna Cori Gibson came to our Convention in the year 2000 to share her beautiful singing voice with us. She is an amazing singing talent as I’m sure you will

Fr Michael Semana

Fr Michael Semana gave two presentations at our year 2000 Eucharistic Convention the videos of which you can see below. In his first talk Fr Mike spoke about “The Holy

Tony Melendez

In the year 2000 we were fortunate indeed to be able to host Tony Melendez who has no arms yet plays the guitar with his feet as well as any

Tony Zuniga

Tony Zuniga came to our Convention in the year 2000 and had the audience spellbound as he delivered his two addresses. The first was entitled “You Were Born for Greatness,

Fr Gio Belanich

Father Gio Belanich gave two memorable presentations at our 2001 Convention thet were remembered long after the curtain came down on the event. In his first talk Fr Gio spoke

Al Barbarino

Al Barbarino joined up with Fr Gio Belanich to come to our 2001 Convention as they work together serving the poor and disadvantaged in our broken world. Unfortunately we do

Fr James & Sr Claire

Father James and Sister Claire Marie from the Oasis of Peace Community did a double presentation at our 2001 Convention entitled “Our Lady’s Call to Holiness”. They held an attentive

Babsie Bleasdell

In 2001 this beautiful woman Babsie Bleasdell (Aunty Babsie) set a challenge for those listening to “Use Our Gifts for God” and put our theories into practice. You can consider

Fr Michael Moses

The goodness shone out from Father Michael Moses as he gave two presentations at our 2001 Convention. The first was entitled “Inter-generational Healing” and the second “The Eucharist; Food for

Fr Anthony Bannon

In 2002 Father Anthony Bannon talked about Vocations in his first presentation and How to Discern the Call in his second. Unfortunately we do not have recordings of these talks.

Sr Joan Hopkinson

Sr Joan attended almost every Convention since the beginning; she simply loved them. In 2002 we convinced he to talk about her life and what her vocation meant to her.

Frank & Linda Weterman

Local speakers Frank and Linda Weterman shared their story of married life with attendees as the focus was on vocations not only of priestly or religious life but the married

Joe and Jean-Ann Hand

Most of us know them as the talent behind the song we hear weekly on Life on the Rock, but the partnership of Joe and Jean-Ann Hand goes way beyond

Scott Goudeau

Scott Goudeau came to our Convention with Joe and Jean-Ann Hand. He was backing guitarist for them but also took advantage of our offer to tell his own story of

Fr Paul Glynn SM

In 2003 our good friend Father Paul Glynn came across from Australia to give two presentations that had our audience sitting up and taking notice. Father Paul’s natural goodness shone

Mark Shea

Mark Shea returned to our event in 2003 following on from his first visit to our 1997 convention. People asked for his return so we brought him back and he

Ted Hanley

Ted Hanley told his incredible story at Convention 2003, one that people have never forgotten. In his first presentation he spoke about the “Corporal Works of Mercy” and in his

Robert Haddad

Robert Haddad joined us from Australia to talk about “The Tree of Life – God’s Food for Eternal Life”. This was presented in two parts – the “Old Testament” in

Donna Lee

American singer Donna Lee who was past of the guest list at our first event in 1994 returned in 2003 to thrill the audience again as she had done some

Fr Linus Clovis

Fr. Linus F Clovis is a priest of the Archdiocese of Castries, St. Lucia in the West Indies. He studied for the priesthood at the Angelicum in Rome and was ordained

Paul Farge

In 2004 our good friend Paul Farge told this story that left everybody who heard him speak in tears. Paul took the photos at our conventions in the early days

Brendan Roberts

In 2003 local author Brendan Roberts gave an overview of his book “God Fact or Fiction”. Brendan kept his audience interested in what he had to say for the duration

Janelle Reinhart

Janelle Reinhart was a welcome addition to our guest list in 2004 – the two videos below are a recording of her presentations at our event. Some more about Janelle:

Steve Clifford

In 2004 we were so delighted to be able to host Steve Clifford who became Catholic from Mormonism after a long search for the truth. Steve says he found the

Dame Jan Ruff-O’Herne

Father Paul Glynn recommended Dame Jan Ruff-O’Herne as an excellent speaker so we made contact with her and put it all together for our 2004 Eucharistic Convention. What a woman!

Fr Julian Studden

Father Julian Studden gave two very powerful presentations at our 2004 Eucharistic Convention. “Applying Forgiveness” was the first and “Understanding Forgiveness” was the second. Unfortunately we do not have video

Fr Al Winshman SJ

Father Al Winshman came to our 2004 Convention to speak about his work with Marian Renewal. Unfortunately we do not have a recording of what he said that trip. However,

Joseph Moorman

Joseph Moorman from USA enthralled the audience when he sang two segments at our 2005 Eucharistic Convention. Joseph has a very special voice which he uses for the glory of

Joseph Moorman

In 2004 Joseph Moorman gave two musical presentations at our Convention which were something extraordinary. Joe was recommended to us by one of our attendees and he did not disappoint.

Bishop Patrick Dunn DD

The Bishop of Auckland Patrick Dunn delivers the homily during the opening Mass for the Eucharistic Convention in 2005 FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Msgr Paul Cronin

Spiritual Advisor for the Eucharistic Convention Monsignor Paul Cronin delivered the homily during the Sunday Mass of the 2005 Eucharistic Convention. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

EC2005 – Sunday Mass

This is a video recording of the Sunday Mass at our 2005 Eucharistic Convention FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Briar Cornwall – Sung Rosary

The day Pope John Paul II died in 2005 we were celebrating our Eucharistic Convention. Briar Cornwall led this beautiful rosary in remembrance of this great Pope. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Sister Disciples of DM

The day Pope John Paul II died in 2005 The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master led exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at our Eucharistic Convention. It was a moving

Margaret & Gerry Smy

Margaret and Gerry Smy have been involved with the Eucharistic Convention since it began way back in 1994. Their unselfish and ongoing support of this work has been a major

Briar Cornwall sings

The beautiful song written by Robert Loretz and sung by Briar Cornwall is well worth a listen. This was sung at our 2005 Eucharistic Convention; and the people loved it.

Adoration – Fr Knight

As Catholics we believe that Jesus is really and truly present in the Eucharist. This is why we have devotions like the Holy Hour seen in this video that was

Josephine Reeves

In 2005 lawyer Josephine Reeves gave a beautiful presentation at our Eucharistic Convention. Here is the recording of that talk. Following is the promotional blurb used to advertise this talk

Fr Rory Morrissey

In 2005, the weekend Pope John Paul II died, Father Rory Morrissey led the Divine Mercy programme at our Eucharistic Convention. This is a video of that event. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Fr Neil Vaney SM

In 2005 Father Neil Vaney spoke at the Eucharistic Convention about his desire and intention to open the Catholic Discipleship College here in Auckland, New Zealand. The following promotional blurb

Fr Ken Hannon OMI

Father Ken Hannon spoke about the Eucharist at our 2005 Eucharistic Convention. Following is the promotional blurb advertising his talk that year. Father Hannon is a Missionary Oblate of Mary

Annetta Moran

In 2005 Annetta Moran talked about her personal journey of Faith – she was awe-inspiring. You will enjoy this video of her testimony which took some courage to deliver on

Elizabeth Nguyen

The video below of this presentation is unique and inspiring. In 1999 I was introduced to Cardinal Nguyen van Thuan by Archbishop Valerian D’Souza of Poona in India. Archbishop D’Souza

Fr David Knight

Fr David Knight came to speak at our 2005 Eucharistic Convention. The following is the promotional blurb to advertise his talk that year – below are recordings of his two presentations.

Fr Chris Skinner SM

Father Chris Skinner is a priest of the Society of Mary in New Zealand. In a world that is searching for spirituality, the music of Fr Chris Skinner has a

Bishop Patrick Dunn DD

Bishop Patrick Dunn DD giving the homily during the opening Mass at our Eucharistic Convention in 2006   FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Len Barbour

In 2006 local man Len Barbour gave a beautiful presentation where he spoke about the “Rosary and the Cross”. Unfortunately we do not have a recording of that presentation but

Msgr Paul Cronin

In 2006 Monsignor Paul Cronin gave the homily during the Sunday Mass that weekend. This venerable priest of God gave a very special homily at every Mass he celebrated –

Grant Somerville

In 2006 Grant Somerville spoke about prayer and the Chaplet of Mercy as written in the diary of St Faustina. Grant shares some lovely insights into St Faustina’s work. This

Maia Rose

Maia Rose is the ‘miracle baby’ of the Eucharistic Convention. Born to Daniel and Melanie Scott in 2005 little Maia Rose was an absolute delight as first born to the

Fr Greg Homeming OCD

In this presentation Father Homeming talks about St Terese and Carmelite spirituality. Fr Greg Homeming was born in Sydney. He is an Australian of Chinese grandparents. After completing high school

Fr Al Winshman SJ

Fr. Al Winshman, S.J. – of Boston, Massachusetts, spoke at our 2006 Eucharistic Convention giving two presentations. His first talk was entitled “Our Lady and the Cross” and his second “Our Cross

Fr Peter Girard OP

In 2006 Father Peter Girard gave three presentations at our convention. He gave the opening address at our convention that year when he spoke about “Accepting the Cross”. The next day

Secretary Jim Nicholson

In 2006 a previous US Ambassador to the Vatican and the then US Secretary of Veterans Affairs came to our Convention to give two presentations. They are both included below. On

Fr Chris Brady

At our 2007 Eucharistic Convention local priest Father Chris Brady who at the time looked after Devonport Parish on the North Shore of Auckland City spoke about devotion to the

Bishop Patrick Dunn DD

Bishop Pat gave the homily at the opening Mass of the 2007 Eucharistic Convention FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

CDC Pupils

In 2007 Father Neil Vaney SM spoke about the progress made in establishing the Catholic Discipleship College in Auckland in the two years following his talk at the 2005 Eucharistic

Fr Andrew Matthew

At our 2007 Eucharistic Convention local priest Father Andrew Matthew who is the Parish Priest of Holy Family Parish in Te Atatu, a suburb of Auckland City spoke about seeing

Msgr Paul Cronin

I n 2007 Monsignor Paul Cronin the spiritual director of the Eucharistic Convention spoke about seeing the face of Christ in the community. Whenever he spoke people listened because he

Brad and Jo

Brad and Jo gave this beautiful testimony at our 2007 Eucharistic Convention. Following is the blurb that was written to promote their talk that year. Once Brad Larsen converted to

Tony Cavit

In 2007 local man Mr Tony Cavit from the Beachhaven Parish in Auckland gave a beautiful presentation about the Devotion to Divine Mercy. This Devotion is relevant to our day

Michael Pervan

Michael Pervan is a sacred artist and iconographer. If there’s one thing he wants to teach Catholics, it’s this: “They can see with the eyes of the soul, now, through

Bishop Pat & Fr Rory

Bishop Patrick Dunn and Father Rory Morrissey of the Diocese of Auckland, New Zealand, celebrating the Auckland Diocesan Divine Mercy Devotion on Divine Mercy Sunday at our 2007 Eucharistic Convention

Cardinal McCarrick

At our 2007 Convention Cardinal Theodore McCarrick gave the opening address, thw presentations and finally preached the homily at two of the Masses. He has a great sense of humour

Sr Dianna Ortiz OSU

After making her final vows as an Ursuline nun, Sister Dianna Ortiz became a missionary in Guatemala in 1987 and dedicated herself to teaching the Mayan children of San Miguel

Deacon David Marshall

Deacon David Marshall spoke at our Eucharistic Convention in 2008 where he talked about the Catholic Diaconate – the theme for the 2008 Convention was “Hope”, Deacon Dave’s talk was

Mons Cronin – Fr Rory

This video was taken at our 2008 Eucharistic Convention with Monsignor Paul Cronin and Father Rory Morrissey during the blessing of the Divine Mercy Image. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Fr Rory Morrissey


Cathy Jenke

Cathy Jenke is a well known personality in New Zealand Christian broadcasting. Cathy has been a presenter on Radio Rhema for a number of years, and has also been involved

Fr Raymond Gawronski

Father Ray Gawronski is a native of New York City, Fr Gawronski lived around the world before settling down as a Jesuit of the Maryland Province. Building on earlier graduate

Fr Chris Riley

Father Chris Riley AM, who spoke at our Eucharistic Convention in 2008 was named NSW Australian of the Year 2012. Twenty years ago, Father Chris Riley founded Youth Off The

Michael Mardon

Michael Mardon from the New Zealand Bible Society has been a regular attendee at our conventions. Michael has a promotional stall where he displays the great work done by the

Robert Loretz Choir

The Robert Loretz Choir have made an incredible contribution to our conventions over many years. Robert was named New Zealand’s most inspiring teacher in 2011. We are indebted to this man

Fr John Flader

In 2009 Father John Flader was Director of the Catholic Adult Education Centre in Sydney, Australia. Father John came to our convention to give two presentations entitled “Unless the Lord

Dr Mark Miravalle

Dr Mark Miravalle, husband, permant deacon, and father of eight, earned his Sacred Theological Doctorate at the Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Dr Miravalle is a respected

Fr Rory Morrissey

Father Rory Morrissey is a priest of the Diocese of Auckland in New Zealand. Since the very beginning of these Conventions Father Rory has been there leading the celebrations of

Sr Trish Franklin

Of its essense our Catholic Faith is about service. There are plenty of people out there who target the Church for discreditation because of various indiscretions by one or some

Mary Eileen Russell

In 2009 we were privileged to host Catholic author Mary-Eileen Russell. In this video Mary-Ellen talks about her first historical novel Trianon which was published under her pen name “Elena

Msgr Paul Cronin RIP

Little did we know it but 2010 was the last time our incredible spiritual director Monsignor Paul Cronin would be with us guiding the ship. The Lord took him home

Cardinal Arinze

Cardinal Francis Arinze Prefect-emeritus of the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments came to New Zealand in 2010 to speak at our Eucharistic Convention that year

Bishop Patrick Dunn DD

Bishop Pat gave the homily during the Mass on the Saturday of our 2010 Eucharistic Convention.   FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Fr Rory Morrissey

Father Rory Morrissey has been coordinating the Divine Mercy segment of these Eucharistic Conventions since they began. This video is one of best on Divine Mercy I have ever seen.

Robert Loretz

Robert Loretz led his choir once again at our 2010 convention – here are a couple of video recordings for your enjoyment FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Fr Paul Glynn SM

Father Paul Glynn has been to our convention a number of times. He loves his vocation which is very obvious when you hear him speak. Recently he said this: When

Barbara McGuigan

Barbara McGuigan is one of the foremost pro-life, pro-chastity educators in the English-speaking world. She is the founder of VOICE OF VIRTUE INTERNATIONAL, a non-profit entity dedicated to spreading the

Magda Brown

Magda Brown was just 17 years old in June 1944 when she and her family were herded into a sweltering cattle car with about 80 other people. They had little

Archbishop Charles Balvo DD

In 2011 we were blessed to be able to have hosted the Apostolic Nuncio to New Zealand Archbishop Charles Daniel Balvo DD. Below are videos of the Archbishop’s presentations.     FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Fr Allan Jones SM

Fr Allan gave the homily during the Mass on Sunday morning at our 2011 Convention. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Fr Rory Morrissey

Fr Rory Morrissey leading the Divine Mercy liturgy during our 2011 Eucharistic Convention FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Young & Prolife

Young Aucklanders sing their brand new song: “A Brand New Day” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Annie Karto

A beautiful person inside and out – we were so blessed to have persuaded Annie Karto to make the trip down to New Zealand to share her incredible talents with

Ron Tesoriero

In 2011 Ron Tesoriero came to New Zealand to speak at our Eucharistic Convention; as he says: Belief is difficult. Sometimes we need to see to believe. Jesus was gentle

Fr Don Calloway

How is a die-hard agnostic transformed into a fervent apostle of Christ? Fr. Donald Calloway, a former drug dealer, will have you on the edge of your seat as he

Colleen Bayer

The Director of Family Life International in New Zealand Mrs Colleen Bayer gave the opening address at our 2012 Eucharistic Convention as well as two other informational talks over the

Bishop Patrick Dunn DD

Homily by the Bishop of Auckland, New Zealand, Bishop Patrick Dunn DD, given at the Mass to open the 2012 Eucharistic Convention. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Robert Loretz

We invite you to enjoy some of Robert Loretz’s 2012 contributions recorded below.     FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Ellyn von Huben

Eucharistic Convention, Auckland, New Zealand, 2012 presentations by Ellyn von Huben who came to our Convention from USA where she is a regular contributor to Fr Robert Baron’s ‘Word on

Steven Mosher

Eucharistic Convention, Auckland, New Zealand, 2012 Presentation by Steven Mosher who came to our Convention from USA to talk of his experiences in China as a young social scientist. Such

Fr Andy Davy MIC

Eucharistic Convention, Auckland, New Zealand, 2012 Presentations by Father Andy Davy MIC who came to our Convention after having been recommended by Father Donald Calloway from the same religious order

Fr Paul Nicholson

Presentation by Father Paul Nicholson who came to our Convention from the diocese of London, Ontario, Canada. You are invited to watch the video recordings of his presentations at our

Dame Colleen Bayer

Dame Colleen Bayer gave the opening address at our 2013 Eucharistic Convention. You can view the video recording of her talk below. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Sr Veronica Mary

Sister Veronica Mary who is a member of the religious community Sisters of Life gave this outstanding presentation entitled “The Charism of Life” on Saturday 6th April 2013 at our

Sr Bethany Madonna

In April 2013 at our Eucharistic Convention Sister Bethany Madonna, a member of the religious order Sisters of Life spoke about “Faith in the Lamb of God” the first day and

John-Henry Westen

John-Henry is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of He and his wife Dianne and their eight children live in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada. John-Henry gave two talks at

Susan Conroy

Susan Conroy gave two talks at our 2013 Eucharistic Convention. Video recordings of them are below. Susan talked about “Faith and her experiences with Mother Teresa” working among the poorest of

Fr Leszek Czelusniak MIC

Father Leszek came to our Eucharistic Convention in 2013 to talk about Our Lady of Kibeho and the Divine mercy devotion. In the videos below you can enjoy his presentations given

Fr John Hollowell

Father John Hollowell is a young dynamic Catholic priest who we were lucky enough to have as one of our guest speakers at our 2013 Eucharistic Convention. Here Father Hollowell

Henrietta Reid

Henrietta Reid is a local artist and a very talented young woman with a big future ahead of her. At our Eucharistic Convention this year she gave two delightful presentations the recording

Bishop Patrick Dunn DD

Bishop Pat gives the opening address at our 2014 Eucharistic Convention FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Susana Fiu Fetaiai

Susana Fiu Fetaiai is affectionately known as the Mother Teresa of Auckland where she runs a refuge for women and children, many who have been traumatised by family violence. In

Fr Paul Glynn SM

Father Paul Glynn continued his contributions to our conventions over many years. In 2014 Fr Paul spoke about “Miracles at Mary’s Shrines” in his first session and “John Paul II

Fr Allan Jones SM

In 2014 Fr Allan Jones gave the homily at the Sunday Mass during our Eucharistic Convention. This is a recording of that homily. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Martha Fernandez-Sardina

Father Allan Jones SM of The Catholic Enquiry Centre in New Zealand recommended Martha Fernandez-Sardina to us as a possible speaker for our convention. Father Allan suggested she was one

MDM Refuge Testimonies

Recorded at our 2014 Eucharistic Convention in April, you will see in this video four members of the Mother of Divine Mercy Refuge in Auckland give their very moving testimonies

Fr Tony Ricard

Father Tony Ricard and his incredible connection with the Mother Of Divine Mercy Refuge Community here in Auckland, New Zealand was one of the great miracles of our 2014 Eucharistic

Michelle Kaufman

Michelle Kaufman from FLI Auckland gave this incredible opening address at our 2015 Eucharistic Convention – their was dead silence as Michelle spoke. To see why watch the video recording

Dame Colleen Bayer

Dame Colleen Bayer spoke to the subject matter “Welcoming the Least Among You” at our 2015 Eucharistic Convention to a very attentive audience. You can watch her presentation on the

Teresa & Monica Orbe

The mother/daughter duo were excited to be sharing their musical talents with us at our 2015 Convention. Mum Teresa played the piano while Monica sang. The videos below are recordings of

Christine Bell

Christine Bell gives an update on her plans to set up a house in Auckland for young men in crisis: her vision is focused on “New Horizons of Hope” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn

Fr. Shenan Boquet

In his first presentation at our 2015 Eucharistic Convention Fr Shenan spoke to the title “Speaking a Language of Life and Family” and in his second he

Claire Culwell

At our convention in 2015 Claire Culwell shared her very personal story as survivor of a botched abortion – her twin was aborted, she would have been also but the person

Roy Schoeman

At our Eucharistic Convention this year Roy Schoeman gave two presentations. This is the first of them where he talks about the Role of the Holocaust in Salvation History and

Leah Libresco

Leah Libresco is a writer and school systems analyst based in Washington, D.C. A former atheist blogger and writer for the Huffington Post, Ms. Libresco stunned her readers in summer

Jim Bertrand

Roger Gilbride who has been to many conventions and is now a Seminarian with the Priestly Confraternity of Saint Peter in Nebraska recommended Jim Bertrand as an idea guest speaker

Fr Linus Clovis

Fr. Linus F Clovis is a priest of the Archdiocese of Castries, St. Lucia in the West Indies. He studied for the priesthood at the Angelicum in Rome and was ordained

Fr Andrew Matthew

Father Andrew is Parish Priest of Holy Family Parish in Te Atatu, Auckland City. He is also spiritual director to the Senatus of the Legion of Mary. Father Andrew will

Mark Gasparini

Mark is the the Senatus President of the Legion of Mary for New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga and Nuie. He has found his calling working within the Legion. He is very

Philip Hines

Philip, whose singing talent was made known to us during the year, is the son of Brian and Barbara Hines who are well known in many areas of lay involvement in

Colleen & Michelle – FLI

Either Colleen, Michelle or both of them together will give us an update of how things are going with their work of saving the most venerable in our society; innocent

Christine Bell

Christine Bell holds the vision to open a residential House of Welcome for men in New Zealand who are struggling in life whether from depression, anxiety, addiction or other presentation.

Fr Paul Glynn, SM

Father Paul has been good enough to give of his time to come to our conventions on many occasions over the years. In the early days he spoke about

Mother of Divine Mercy Refuge Group

Under the maternal leadership of Susana Fiu Fetalai the Mother of Mercy Divine Refuge Group will be leading our singing at the convention Masses and assisting wherever else they see

Kitty Cleveland

Kitty talks about why she does what she does….. “If I had to boil down the essence of what I feel called to do, it is to encourage people—whether through singing,

Diane Foley

Diane Foley, whose son was murdered last August, forgave Emwazi. “It saddens me – his continued hatred,” she told The Times. “He felt wronged, now we hate him – now

Children of the Eucharistic Convention – Choir

This choir and music group are a group of families and friends who have come together to use their gifts in support of the convention and for the glory of God.

Samuel Aigbe

  Unfortunately Samuel had to cancel his trip for personal reasons. We are most disappointed about this but these things happen We wish Samuel all the best dealing with what’s

Alanna-Marie Boudreau

It is interesting how the Spirit of God has His Hand covering every aspect of this Eucharistic Convention. In 1994 Bill and Anna Moore attended our very first event with

Mariatu Kamara

We are so fortunate to have been able to encourage Mariatu to come half way around the world to share her story with us. At the Eucharistic Convention Dinner on

Rosanne Romero

Rosanne Romero is the bestselling author of Amusing Grace, a collection of articles from her well-loved column in Kerygma Magazine, Kitchen Scribbles. In 2015, she launched Amusing Grace, A Second

Dr Inge Auerbacher

“I remember as a little girl waiting impatiently for my birthday to arrive. My childhood birthdays were always very happy and special. That is, until my eighth birthday. I was

Father Douglas Al-Bazi

Father Douglas Al-Bazi saw his church blown up in front of him before crazed jihadis knocked his teeth knocked out with a hammer, broke his nose and back and shot


“My goal, my mission is to expose Jesus’ Divine Mercy to hip-hop culture, to youth, and to the world before it’s too late” RABELZTHEMC Coming to the Eucharsitic Convention

EC2018 – Fr Tony Ricard

Fr Tony Ricard is returning to speak at our 2018 Eucharistic Convention. Fr Tony wearing the beautiful cloak gifted to him by the late Joy Mendes at a welcoming function for

EC2018 – MDM Refuge

The Sunday of the Eucharistic Convention is the big feast day of Divine Mercy established in the Church by Pope St John Paul II on the 30 April 2000 when he

EC2018 – Aisha Te Kani

AISHA SAYS: “My love of public speaking began when I was young when at the age of 12 I spoke for the first time in front of a school assembly

EC2018 – Sister Joseph Andrew

Sister Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, OP, is one of the four foundresses of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor, MI. As the Community’s vocations director,

EC2018 – Mother Mary Assumpta

Mother Mary Assumpta Long, O.P., is the Prioress General of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She holds a S.T.L. in Sacred Theology

EC2018 – Aurora Zacarias

Aurora Zacarias from Mexico will share her incredible life story at the Eucharistic convention this year. NPH (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos) is a Catholic organisation which helps abandoned, orphaned and other

EC2018 – Gerry and Margaret Smy

Ministry to the Elderly, Sick and Housebound   Gerry and Margaret have been part of the Eucharistic Convention team right from its inception. Not only that, they were at the

Bishop Patrick Dunn, DD

Bishop Patrick Dunn was born in London and raised in Auckland, and entered Holy Cross College in Mosgiel after study at Auckland University. He was ordained for Auckland diocese on April

Astronaut Michael Hopkins

Have you ever wondered how God looks at His world? Astronauts looking back at the earth from space see the majesty of creation from a perspective not many people have

Fr Brian Johnstone, C.Ss.R

Fr Brian Johnstone, C.Ss.R Fr Brian Johnstone hails from Brighton, Australia. He attended the Redemptorist Seminary, St. Mary’s, Ballarat, Australia, 1958-1965, and then studied at the Pontif. Atheneum, St. Anselmo

Stephen Eguino

Stephen Eguino Bio: I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Music and faith was always a part of my family and I was encouraged to use my

EC2019 – Professor Tom O’Loughlin

Professor Tom O’Loughlin     Thomas O’Loughlin is Professor of Historical Theology at the University of Nottingham. He earned a BA, MPhil, PhD, STB and DD hon.c. Tom studied for

EC2019 – Father Roger Landry

Father Roger Landry     Father Roger Landry works for the Holy See’s Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations in New York. Ordained a priest of the Diocese of

EC2019 – Father Neil Vaney SM

Father Neil Vaney SM     Neil Vaney is a Marist priest who taught Christian ethics, including a course on bioethics, at the Marist seminary in Hawkes Bay then at