Gloria Tatana

The Eucharistic Convention is all about providing an opportunity for people who want to participate in a weekend of celebration of the Catholic faith for those who feel the need of a boost to their spiritual life. Gloria Tatana from Kaitaia in the far north of New Zealand knows the true value of the event which she shares with us here.  There is no better way to describe the Eucharistic Convention than to read what Gloria has to say about it.


Although I was baptised Catholic as a baby in 1966, I never had much exposure to our faith other than at funerals and christenings. I have always been aware of God and Jesus although did not follow them. In 2010 I finally found my faith, or rather, my faith found me because I felt an inner yearning for the Lord and the Church that I couldn’t ignore. I started attending weekly mass and couldn’t understand why when I felt a profound sense of rightness I was still yearning for something. So I began to research the Catholic faith and christianity in general. I came across the Eucharistic Convention website and was totally amazed at what I found. I accessed the archives and spent hours watching the clips, researching the speakers and generally discovering a whole new world. And it felt like it was right on my doorstep.

The EC definitely helped with the formation of my faith and I believe it was part of the Lords plan that I discovered your website. I had no idea of the depth and richness of our faith, the diversity and the rigidity. I am still a learner now and can understand why there are so many truly devout catholics in Nz and indeed throughout the world.

The Eucharistic Convention is an important part of our Catholic landscape. I am very grateful to you and all those who work so hard to provide such an opportunity to our community. I asked members of my parish what they knew, their experiences with EC and if they would recommend it. I got very positive feedback. For me the most overwhelming feedback was the presence of the Holy Spirit being so tangible. What a blessing.

I would dearly love to attend next year, God willing, but if not the website allows those of us who can’t be there in person to benefit by accessing the footage.

I believe you must continue with your mahi and continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

PBWY (Peace be with you)
Gloria Tatana
St Josephs Parish