Father John Hollowell came and spoke at our 2013 Eucharistic Convention

In mid-February, 2020, Father John Hollowell was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Father John says it was an answer to a prayer he made in 2018 during the maddening summer of shame with the news of McCarrick and related sins and crimes emerged.

Some will remember the then Cardinal McCarrick spoke at our 2007 convention. Back then the abuse he has since been accused of was not known in the public square. Sadly, his story is not a pretty one and it is interesting to note that it was McCarrick who was the catalyst for the courageous pathway Father Hollowell has embarked on.

Father Hollowell tells us that he asked God, if it be His will, to share in some way with the suffering victims of priestly sexual abuse. Father John says he senses strongly that his brain tumor is a mysterious answer to that prayer. He is consciously offering up all his anxiety, pain, chemo marathon and everything else associated with his illness in union with Christ on the cross in special solidarity with those violated and hurt by predator priests. 

What an heroic decision Father Hollowell has made in regard to the suffering he has been gifted with. More than that, what an example he is to us all, may God be with him and grant him peace during this difficult time. I invite you to send him greetings and prayer offerings from New Zealand, he has a special place in his heart for Kiwis and I know he will appreciate special messages from his many friends here down-under.

See below the latest update from Father Hollowell’s family as to his progress to date, you can follow the links to his Facebook Page and Website therein.

What special connections have evolved through this Eucharistic Convention; we are blessed indeed.

Deacon Mark Rivalland
Director – Eucharistic Convention, Auckland


20 March 2020

Dear Friends,

We hope this email finds you well, safe and healthy. We wanted to share some updates on Fr. Hollowell’s recovery process. To see these updates please visit the Caring Bridge site where Father’s parents have been providing us with his progress.

Over the next several weeks we will be pulling words from some of Fr. Hollowell’s past homilies and posting graphics of them to hisFacebook Page Here. We hope that his words and the promises of Christ resonate with you all during this time. Please feel free to use and share any of the graphics below that we have created for him so far. 

Lastly, to continue to be kept up-to-date and view Fr. Hollowell’s content please make sure to visit his page at www.FatherJohnHollowell.com.

Please continue to keep Fr. Hollowel and his loved ones in your prayers as we all join them in praying for those victims that have suffered from clergy abuse.

God’s Blessings and Mercy,
The Alice Paul Group team