Dear attendees and friends of the Eucharistic Convention

Bishop Denis Browne, Emeritus Bishop of Hamilton, will ordain Deacon Roger Gilbride, FSSP, to the priesthood and Mr Brendan Boyce, FSSP, to the diaconate on Saturday, October 3 2020, with the Mass starting at 10.30am.

Some may remember American singer Annie Karto encouraging our local “Young and Prolife Group” to get up on the stage with her to share some of their music with the audience.  Roger Gilbride was part of that group so he has a tangible connection with our Eucharistic Convention. See the video below of the groups performance that year, Roger is the tallest of the group. What a blessing for this young man to have gone on to be ordained into the Catholic priesthood. We congratulate you Roger and please be assured of our prayers to support your incredible life choice.

Roger sent an open invitation to anyone wanting to attend his ordination.  With COVID 19 restrictions in place numbers will be restricted to 100 so a large attendance will not be possible.  I know Roger will appreciate your prayers so please remember him in a special way on Saturday.

Click this link to view the ordination poster

With every blessing for the month of October

Deacon Mark Rivalland

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  1. James Costello

    Many thanks, Deacon Mark, and wonderful news. Please pass on our best wishes to Roger. Also Deacon Tang will be ordained in Christchurch on Oct. 17th. (Hopefully.) His ordination was due in March and he has endured many postponements because of the Corona-Virus with great patience. Keep up the great work.
    Jim Costello,
    West Coast.

  2. A Blessing to you Deacon Mark,
    I was invited to come to the Eucharistic Convention in 2016 by John Porteus. I gave a presentation on the Shroud of Turin and it was well-received. My connection with Roger Gilbride originated in 2015 while he was in the FSSP Seminary (Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary) in Denton, Nebraska – which just happens to be 15 minutes from my home.
    Long story short / it was Roger who saw my presentation at his seminary – and he took the initiative to have this Shroud presentation brought to Auckland for the 2016 EC. My sincere appreciation to Roger for allowing me the honor of bringing the message of the Shroud to New Zealand.

  3. Patrick Hallis

    God bless our new shepherds who have been brought to us to tend to the dwindling flock of God’s people. May their Spirit and souls be strengthened in these testing times of battle between God and the devil for the people of the world, including a whole lot of us Catholics.

    God especially bless our priest and deacons and God bless us all.

    Patrick Hallis

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