In 2005 Annetta Moran talked about her personal journey of Faith – she was awe-inspiring. You will enjoy this video of her testimony which took some courage to deliver on her part. Below is the promotional blurb used to advertise her talk at the convention that year.


Mother of four adult daughters,teacher,. Christian politician, and tireless pro-life worker for 35 years with her husband Bernard – will speak about her conversion to the Catholic faith and her life as a Christian woman.

She was born in Belfast. Raised a Presbyterian, she served as an elder in the Glenfield Presbyterian Church for a decade and as a worship leader for eight years.

She became a Catholic in 2004.

Annetta was vice president of the National Executive of the Voice for Life (formerly SPUC), and a member of the Auckland Executive. She worked for Family Life International for a year in education and media, and she has run pro-life workshops at various United Nations conferences internationally.

She was Deputy Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, stood as a list candidate in 1996, and embarked on a speaking tour that covered the whole country.

Annetta and husband worship at St Thomas More Church in Glenfield where she is a Minister of the Word.

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