Christine Bell holds the vision to open a residential House of Welcome for men in New Zealand who are struggling in life whether from depression, anxiety, addiction or other presentation.

Christine has recently lived with communities in Italy who have successfully operated in this ministry and has witnessed first hand the miraculous transformation of these men as they follow the two-three year residential programme. She is working to open a similar community, St Philomena House, on a ‘farmlet’ in the wider Auckland area, prior to Christmas 2016. Christine is excited to share the progress to date and will present a 7 minute video that gives an inside view of life in a House of Welcome in Italy.


A house of welcome in Trento, Italy.  Christine is second row to the back.


The ‘boys’ and house leaders lunching alfresco, Trento, Italy.


The boys cater for weddings at the community house, Trento, Italy.  All dressed 
and ready to go!  Solid evidence of the transformations that occur in community.

This ministry is long overdue in New Zealand and well timed in this Year of Mercy.

Christine resides in Auckland and is the mother of adult children, a lawyer and gained a Masters in Theology from Franciscan University, Steubenville, USA.

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