Ministry to the Elderly, Sick and Housebound

2018-M & G


Gerry and Margaret have been part of the Eucharistic Convention team right from its inception. Not only that, they were at the forefront of many other Catholic lay activities long before this convention was even heard of.

Before the days of the internet (yes, that’s how far we go back), all communications were done by mail. Newsletters were compiled and mailed out from my downtown office by a band of willing helpers which always included Gerry and Margaret Smy. This convention owes them, and the other generous individuals who dedicated themselves to this necessary task, a huge debt of gratitude. As I think back so many individuals come to mind, the majority of whom have died and gone to their eternal rest. It is always dangerous to name people; the risk of offending others by not including their names is real. While never intentional, I have been at the receiving end of such omissions which is never a nice situation to find oneself in. That said, one name that comes to mind is Mark McCarthy who helped with our very first event. Mark had a tragic end; he died in a house fire in Te Aroha some years ago. Please remember him in your prayers.

It is our privilege to have Margaret and Gerry address our 25th anniversary Eucharistic Convention this year. They are a beautiful couple who, aligned to the call of Pope Francis,  carry out tremendous works of mercy to the elderly, sick and housebound of our day.  Beth and I have first-hand experience of the dedication they apply to their volunteer role, Gerry and Margaret take the Blessed Eucharist to Beth’s mum Dawn at the Orchard’s Resthome in Glenfield, where she now resides. Other Catholics in the rest home are also visited and attended by Margaret and Gerry; their heavenly reward will be great indeed.

Be sure to come to our 2018 Eucharistic Convention to hear what Margaret and Gerry have to share with us; you won’t be disappointed.

John Porteous

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