Fr Antoine is a native of France. Before joining the Brothers of St. John in 1985,( religious community founded in 1975 by Fr.Marie-Dominique PHILIPPE,O.P.), he was a member of the French Army in the Alpine Troops, pursued a degree in marketing both in France and the US, and enjoyed many active sports such as Ski Mountaineering, rock-climbing hang gliding, windsurfing, and tennis.

Fr. Antoine was ordained February 1st 1992 in Paray-Le-Monial, France.. After six years as chaplain of a large Catholic school in Paris, he was sent to the USA, to Peoria Illinois, to help establish a new foundation of his community. He remained the main chaplain for 9 years at Bradley and ICC Universities. He also was local superior for 6 years. After 6 years spent in the main house of formation in the USA (Diocese of Peoria, Illinois), he is now sent by his superiors to establish a new priory in Christchurch, New Zealand with a few brothers.. Fr.Antoine is appointed full chaplain of the Canterbury University (20,000 students), vicar at St Teresa Parish in Riccarton, and local superior of his community starting this December 2010.


Fr. Antoine has given many Youth 2000 retreats throughout the United States, as well as seminars and retreats to seminarians and to active and contemplative sisters throughout the world. He has formed a children’s Eucharistic Adoration program known as “Children of Hope” which is being implemented in parishes and Catholic schools around the World. He has led children, teens and families in Eucharistic Adoration in the USA, Canada, France, Australia, Haiti, Nicaragua, Romania, Singapore and now in New Zealand. In each diocese, he helped in training Eucharistic adoration leaders among catechists, parents and priests who understand the urgency of this children’s adoration ministry in the Cybernetic age.

He has been invited to 4 Eucharistic Congresses in Guadalajara, St Paul, Minnesota, in Charlotte, North Carolina and in Quebec, Canada.

In each place the message is the same:

To help children encounter Jesus in His silent and loving presence in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, in faith, in hope and in love, to adore Him and to gaze upon Him with joy.


Fr. Antoine often appears on EWTN Programs, most especially for children and teenagers. He has filmed several series for them, as well as appearing on “Life on the Rock” and “Mother Angelica Live”. He has been on CATHOLIC ANSWER, Q&A for kids for years, on RELEVANT RADIO and other Catholic Radio throughout the US in the past 10 years.


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