Father Paul Glynn has been to our convention a number of times. He loves his vocation which is very obvious when you hear him speak. Recently he said this:

When we were leaving the seminary as new priests we were bluntly told: “Don’t be a linen priest – a priest who doesn’t prepare with prayer, but goes straight from the bed linen, to the altar linen, to the breakfast table linen. If you want the Mass to give spiritual energy to yourself and your people so that living the Gospel becomes alive, joyful and creative, then do what Jesus did. He kept breaking away from doing things like preaching, healing and talking to people, to find time to converse alone with his Father.
If praying alone is not a central part of your life you will end up like that useless gong that St Paul told the Corinthian Christians not to become. Much noise maybe, but no lasting harvest.

Enjoy this video recorded at our 2010 Convention.

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