Father Paul has been good enough to give of his time to come to our conventions on many occasions over the years.   In the early days he spoke about the work both his brother Tony, also a Marist priest, and himself were involved in reconciling the peoples of Japan and Australia following the terrible events that took place during the second world war.


Father Paul introduced us to Dame Jan Ruff O’Herne who was a sex slave for the Japanese during the war who told of the plight of her and other young women who were treated very harshly at that time.

Father Paul was not going to come this year because he wants to get another book he is writing finished but then changed his mind so that he could assist our event by hearing confessions over the weekend.  If you have not read any of Fr Paul’s books you are encouraged to do so – every cent made from the books help a charitable cause.  Here are some samples

HealingFireofChrist nagasaki Smile Ragpicker

Fr Paul has made a very generous gesture by deciding to join us again this year  for which we are most grateful.  Even though he has to come all the way from Australia to do this for us.

Here is the communication I received from Fr Paul about his change of mind:

Dear John, After reading Pope Francis’ document announcing the Jubilee Year of Mercy, which includes a section on the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and also on the need of priest confessors to make the Sacrament encouraging and helpful to the penitent, I reversed my thinking on the Convention.I shall be happy to go with the job of making it possible for everyone to go to Confession. If I am of use in this capacity, and in any other way, I shall happily co-operate in anything you require. If I would be helpful,  let me know

We are indeed most grateful to Fr Paul – we look forward to having him with us once again at this years convention

John Porteous

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  1. Sr. Joyce Gardella. FMM

    Dear Fr. Paul,

    I am glad for the success of your books especially those that speak of the culture
    and faith of the Japanese people where I spent 18 years and remember you from
    several retreats as a real missionary.

    We have been in lockdown in our place in N. Providence, RI for 9 months. God is with us.
    May you have a blessed Advent and Happy Christmas, Sr. Joyce Gardella, fmm

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