Father Ray Gawronski is a native of New York City, Fr Gawronski lived around the world before settling down as a Jesuit of the Maryland Province. Building on earlier graduate work in the religious traditions of Asia and of Eastern Christianity, he completed his doctorate at the Gregorian University in Rome, specializing in the thought of Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar. His research in this area was published as Word and Silence: Hans Urs Von Balthasar and the Spiritual Encounter of East and West (William B. Eerdmans Publishers).
For 13 years Fr Gawronski was on the faculty of Marquette University in Milwaukee, where he taught courses in Christian discipleship, mystical theology, world religions, eschatology, and, the thought of von Balthasar. Currently he is on the faculty of the Saint John Vianney Seminary in Denver, where is also a spiritual director.
In addition to his work as professor, he has done much work as a retreat director.

Father Gawronski gave a series of three talks during our Eucharistic Convention in 2008. In his first session which was the opening address for our convention that year Fr Gawronski talked to the subject matter “Hope Springs Eternal” followed by “Hope, Lost in False Expectations” on the Saturday concluding with “Hope, the Restoration” to conclude his contribution to our event that year.

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