Janice Connell came to our convention in 2006 and gave a presentation that remained with people for a long time after.

Janice is an attorney, broadcast commenter, and guest speaker in the United States and Abroad. She is considered a leading authority on Marian spirituality, and is the author of ten published volumes, including best sellers Meetings with Mary, The Visions of the Children, Angel Power, and Queen of the Cosmos, the pictorial odyssey of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Janice was born in Pennsylvania and holds degrees from Georgetown University, University of Pittsburgh, and Duquesne University. Janice consults with government, business, academic, and media leaders. She has served on the diocesan Protestant-Catholic Dialogue Committee, the Diocesan Jewish-Catholic Dialogue Committee, the Foundation for Global Catholic Communications, the Pittsburgh Center for Peace, and is a founding member of the Institute for World Concerns. In her books, Janice weaves her own personal angel experiences together with angel prayers and with true angel stories she has been told. Her books instruct people how to open to angelic guidance, support, and protection. Her works explain dazzling and profoundly reassuring prospect of angel power at work — a vision so beautiful and potent that those who experience it feel they know heaven on earth.


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