Roger Gilbride who has been to many conventions and is now a Seminarian with the Priestly Confraternity of Saint Peter in Nebraska recommended Jim Bertrand as an idea guest speaker for our convention. Bishop Pat agrees and so Jim is on board for 2016.

This is very exciting because Jim will give us an insight into the Shroud of Turin which he has studied for many years. Here is the Bio he sent us.


Jim Bertrand has been a student of the Holy Shroud for some 30 years and at the most recent International Shroud Convention held in St. Louis (Oct. 2014) he became affiliated with the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, headed by Dr. John Jackson, the world’s foremost expert on the Shroud of Turin.

Bishop Michael Sheridan, of the Diocese of Colorado Springs, decreed the formation of
the American Confraternity of the Holy Shroud in September of 2014. “As a presenter of the Shroud, my mission is to unite Truth with the human heart. People will see the most updated scientific evidence regarding the Shroud, and then they can make their own reasoned judgment regarding its authenticity.


Whether a relic or an icon, the Shroud is a sacramental, leading us to a deeper relationship with Jesus.”

Jim and his wife, Kristi, are in their 32nd year of marriage and have six children ages 15 – 30. He has a Master’s Degree in Education and has been teaching high school science for 35 years. In the past year he has given over 40 Shroud presentations to religious communities, schools, and parishes. He also directs his parish choir at St. Peter Parish in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, and has been the Perpetual Adoration Director for the past 24 years. “There is a beautiful harmony between faith and reason. Accepting the fullness of the truth, requires us to use both our reason, and to step out in faith to understand the sacred mysteries which we cannot quantify, such as the Real Presence and the infinite love of God. Having the opportunity to share this information about the Shroud and my Catholic faith, is such a blessing.

People will see some things in the power point they have not seen before.”


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