In 2005 lawyer Josephine Reeves gave a beautiful presentation at our Eucharistic Convention. Here is the recording of that talk. Following is the promotional blurb used to advertise this talk pre our 2005 event.
A qualified Barrister and Solicitor, Mrs Josephine Reeves is President of Voice For Life (NZ) Inc. and has long been an advocate for human rights, particularly for the unborn and the vulnerable in society.
For over 35 years, Voice For Life (formerly known as The NZ Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child) has defended the unborn against induced abortion and sought recognition for the serious health risks to women of this procedure and the negative impact on families.
In more recent times, the organisation has been drawn into comment on the related issues of bio-technology and euthanasia, and has developed priority actions in five areas: the Unborn, Women’s Health, Families, the Old or Infirm and Bio-ethics.
Voice For Life is a secular organisation, focused on ‘educating and informing, valuing and protecting all human life’. The vision of Voice For Life is, “A nation which is safe for all its peoples, from conception until natural death,” a goal, which Josephine believes, is ‘absolutely achievable’.
Josephine is married with six children and has been active on a number of elected boards and groups including the National Council of Women, the Taranaki Hospital and Area Health Boards and Sacred Heart Girls’ College, New Plymouth.


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