Maia Rose is the ‘miracle baby’ of the Eucharistic Convention.

Born to Daniel and Melanie Scott in 2005 little Maia Rose was an absolute delight as first born to the Scott family.

Not long married, the good Lord blessed Daniel and Melanie with this delightful little daughter whose arrival into the world was awaited with great expectation by her doting parents, her excited grand parents and extended family. In addition to Maia Rose’s relatives, there were friends galore around the world waiting expectantly for this delightful new arrival to make her presence felt in the world.

“Hurrah; the babe is born!” was the catch phrase once this delightful little girl arrived on planet earth!

For the first few hours all was well; family and friends fussing around trying to absorb the mystery of it all. It seemed the whole world was delighted with this new arrival. Celebrations aplenty ensued.

Then, without warning, some sad news. All was not well with little Maia Rose.
Delight changed to concern, concern initiated action. Maia Rose required surgery; and fast.

Realising the gravity of the situation, the parents and grand parents asked for prayer for this lovely little girl. This is where the Eucharistic convention community came in to assist.

Through the ‘e-prayer’ facility available via the Eucharistic convention website, prayers were canvassed from the members therein. Heaven was stormed day and night through this difficult time for little Maia Rose.

This prayerful activity was of great solace to Daniel and Melanie in this difficult time for them. Time moved on, operations were carried out to rectify the problem. A positive result was achieved much to the relief of all concerned.

There is a lesson for us in all of this. All we need to do is look at the picture of Maia to learn it. Sometimes we have to fight to live, and Maia, just born, had that challenge from day one. Fight she did, and win she did, and more power to her arm for such an attitude; for that is what saved her!

Prayer assists, but it is not magic, it simply ignites the fighting spirit within us all to affect the solution. Just look at Maia’s attitude, she’s got those little arms out ready to fight; look out Mohammed Ali!

Thank you Maia Rose for showing us your courage in the face of adversity. It was you who won the battle.

Daniel and Melanie were so overwhelmed by the generosity shown them by members of the convention ‘e-prayer’ facility that they are bringing their precious ‘bundle of joy’ little Maia Rose Scott to Convention 2006 to say a big ‘thank you’ to all concerned.

Daniel and Melanie have a story to tell that will touch the very core of your being. I have provided but an outline of the story in this description of the event, the whole story is not to be missed. God really does answer prayer if we only bother to ask Him. Daniel and Melanie did, come along and hear their story and get a glimpse of their beautiful little baby in the process.

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