Michael Pervan is a sacred artist and iconographer. If there’s one thing he wants to teach Catholics, it’s this: “They can see with the eyes of the soul, now, through the eyes of Faith. And icons are to the eye what Holy Scripture is to the ear.”

At the time this video was recorded Michael had been working full-time for the previous 18 months restoring precious artworks from the Auckland Catholic Cathedral, and creating quite stunning new ones, some made out of marble sourced from the same quarry used by Michelangelo. Now in 2012 the work at the Cathedral is complete and the finished product is testament to the dedication of Michael Pervan in his service to the Lord through sacred art.

He decided to devote himself full-time to this calling when he had a deep revelation that Our Lord had a simple message for him: “Paint my portrait, Michael, and paint it often.” Michael’s workshop is located behind St Joseph’s Centre in Takapuna, Auckland.

In this video you will see Michael bringing and artwork to life as he talks to the subject matter: “Lord, let me see Your Face”.

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