Under the maternal leadership of Susana Fiu Fetalai the Mother of Mercy Divine Refuge Group will be leading our singing at the convention Masses and assisting wherever else they see a need.  For the last two years their assistance has been invaluable – we welome them back on board again this year with open arms!

Here’s a little about their leader Susana – she is the reason the group exists


The message is heard loud and clear when Susana Fiu Fetalai counsels a family stuck in a cycle of violence.

That’s because she’s lived through it. Mrs Fiu Fetalai has helped hundreds of families in her time as manager of Mother of Divine Mercy Refuge where she started as a volunteer in 1993.

The mother-of-four gets by on three hours sleep a night.

Many families stay at the refuge at any one time and she works with all of them, including the fathers.

“I look into what has happened to them, it’s about counselling and self-healing,” she says.

“They get into a cycle and they don’t know how to get out of it.”

Mrs Fiu Fetalai was in an abusive relationship so she knows what the families are going through.

“I left quite a few times and would often go back thinking he would change.”

Her journey wasn’t easy but her faith and love of her children got her through.


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  1. Nita Pinto

    God bless you Susana and may all the children that you are taking care of begin to lead better lives. Mother Mary and St Joseph pray and intercede for the Divine Mercy Group.

  2. Dear sisters and brothers in Christ our Lord of Divine Mercy.
    Prayers and best wishes for all at Mother of Divine Mercy Refuge family. Sincerely 2022 has been a fruitful and holy and joyful year among the challengers that surprise us through God’s merciful love. In the Lord’s name peace be upon each and every one of you. During Adoration remember me and I will do the same for you before the Lord. Remember God is always present and he favors the lonely, the widow, the orphan, the broken hearted. I believe and trust He loves everyone in the Refuge. His love is real and and His presence is holy though it cannot be measured. We are disciples of the Risen One, together. Holy and joyful Christmas

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