Of its essense our Catholic Faith is about service. There are plenty of people out there who target the Church for discreditation because of various indiscretions by one or some of its members or because of the moral codes that the Church demands of its members. “If they only knew” are the words that ring in my ear as verbalised by the late great Monsignor Paul Cronin of the Auckland Roman Catholic Diocese. Sister Trish Franklin is a supreme example of the sacrificial nature of her vocation of a religious sister who has given her life up to serve those less fortunate than herself. We all know about the heroic deeds of Mother Teresa – we have a duplicate here in Sister Trish Franklin who in this video taken at our 2009 Convention talks about her work among the poorest of the poor. Forget about the rubbish various contemporary world leaders, politicians and indeed ‘Catholic by Name’ individuals heap on our beloved Church; for they are out of order. Rather, watch this video and thank God for a Church that would enable Sister Trish Franklin and many others like her serve the down and out in a manner befitting the sacrifice made by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Whom all things are possible.

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