Thomas Pereira was born in Hong Kong and suffered through an extremely difficult childhood.  His father, a Singaporean of Portuguese descent was Catholic, while his Indonesian mother was a Muslim.  His parents split up when he was a young boy, leaving him in poverty. Although he had been raised a Muslim he was left in a Catholic School in Macau. Missionaries from the Salesian Order of St John Bosco “adopted him” for ten years.  Through their influence he converted to Catholicism. As an adult Thomas lived in Singapore and experienced much success in international business. He chose to “retire” in Hawaii some ten years ago where he set up The St Michael Centre for the sole purpose of promoting the Catholic faith he so loved. Ask and serious convert to the faith and they will tell you they have “found what they had been seeking”; most cannot stop sharing their good news with others.  Thomas had a great influence with young people.

Unfortunately we do not have a recording of Michael’s presentation at our 1995 Convention but as we understand it, his work is till ongoing.  You are invited to browse his website on the following link:


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