Thanks for the opportunity, John. All this arising from our search for a car! (given flyer by John Porteous when they visited Auto Outlet looking for a car to buy). I took my husband, a friend of similar age to us, along with her niece and her friend, both in their early 20s. The friend had no religious background whatsoever. We all agreed the meal was excellent. We appreciated very much the organisation of the evening and its adherence to sensible timing. All the speakers were very well prepared, another aspect we were grateful for. As the lead speaker, Mrs Foley did her job well. She presented what must have been a very difficult subject for her in a contained and not too emotional manner. We did find the content a bit heavily laden with religion, but accepted that it was her story, told her way. We also found it inspirational. I will be using it as my subject for reflection at work this week, so the story and attitudes of mother and son will be shared amongst my work colleagues. I work for Friendship House in Manukau. It’s an ecumenical Christian social service agency and community centre set up by 6 churches including the Catholic church, 40 years ago.

Damian Robertson

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