I thought the Eucharistic Convention this year was great and particularly fresh. The venue was perfect (but for the heat, though even that wasn’t as bad as some people made it out to be. Or maybe perhaps because I didn’t sit in one place for too long) and I thought it worked great having the stands etc downstairs, the food bar and seating below, and the receding back area for kids and standers. It was warming to have CDC there in such a prominent place and to see them hanging out, and the music was diverse and fresh. Mother of Divine Mercy are always a gift, but it was also nice to be just a small part of a range of younger talent. The speakers were interesting and different. Kitty’s testimony and delivery were remarkable and Jim was a great, great teacher and presenter. Diane was a strong drawcard and I loved the dinner concept. I was pretty impressed by the older gentleman after her, once I had become convinced that he was the real deal. The size of the venue seemed ideal, both accommodating the numbers and making them seem full in the seats and also making it easier to find faces. There were more young people than I remember seeing for a long time, thought that might have been just my being able to actually see them in a room scan – could also be the Shore youth groups and St Thomas More affiliated peoples.

Eli Moore

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