Thank you John and team for a lovely convention. We really enjoyed all the speakers and with the emails that you have been sending; I have been passing them onto people that couldn’t have made it for one reason or another. My husband; Michael and I have just been listening to the Fr Raymond links you have sent and love this series on hope. What an amazing man, eternal rest grant to him. The dinner on Saturday night was great as well. It was such a wonderful weekend that is hard to put into words but thank you for organising it. I have met some friends there where we have been emailing and swapping books. Following is a blog link from my husband Mick who is a Sub Editor by trade and writes for a hobby that you maybe interested in or comment/counteract/critique on. The article is mainly about counteracting the many criticisms and misguided conclusions that our Pope is currently undergoing. Listening to Diane, the journalist John Foley’s mother was very moving and listening to Kitty was so uplifting. Thanks again for a brilliant convention

Emily Hall

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