The venue was very easy to find and parking was not a problem. Excellent time control. The speech was very well delivered but I think most of what had been said was on New Zealand Catholic, so I didn’t seem to find new stimulus but I still admire her conviction and her courage a lot. All the guests were extremely friendly and easy to talk to. The lady who shared a table with us gave us her phone number and asked us to visit her if we happen to be going to her direction (in Waihi). I felt a bit guilty that the food was so good… perhaps we could have less good food and donate more to the foundation? Perhaps Diane could have come to each table and greeted the audience (this is a very Chinese way of doing things) and this will definitely draw us closer to her. Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion. May God continue to bless you and your good work.

Josephine Chin
Botany Downs

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