Dear Deacon Mark Rivalland

On this All Souls Day 2020, could you please ask people to pray for the repose of the souls of our dearly Beloved parents:

The late William Livingstone Fletcher who had attended the Eucharistic Convention from 2001 – 2011

The late Noreen Antonette Fletcher had attended the Eucharistic Convention from 2001 – 2018 

Could we also ask that people also pray for all deceased souls who have supported and attended these conventions over the past 27 years?

Our precious mum and dad loved the Eucharistic Convention. They attended from the time they immigrated to this beautiful country of New Zealand until God called them home. Our whole family has been blessed to attend these conventions, we look forward to them every year. There would be something very special missing in our lives if there were no more Eucharistic Conventions, and we know of many others who feel the same way. Our prayer is that they continue well into the future, the graces that flow from these events are incalculable.

We have put together this video tribute to our dear mum and dad; we hope you like it.

With grateful thanks

Alison, Barrington, Craige and Antonette (The Fletcher Family)
St. Annes Parish, Manurewa, South Auckland


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